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Senior Canine Wellness Care at Family Pet Animal Hospital

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Senior Dog Care

Biannual wellness exams help prevent many age-related conditions that can affect your dog’s health and comfort. Our senior wellness exams will help ensure that your companion stays in good health throughout their golden years. The senior wellness exam addresses conditions that older pets are more prone to such as bone and joint problems, hormone disorders, cancer, and diseases of the kidney, heart, and liver.

Your senior dog’s exam will include:

During your pet’s exam, we can discuss any health changes your dog may be experiencing or any concerns you have about his or her health. We can help guide you in caring for your senior dog by providing advice on nutrition, exercise, mobility, and changes in your pet’s lifestyle. As your dog grows older, you may begin to notice changes in their appearance or behavior that are a part of the normal aging process. However, the following symptoms could indicate a problem that should be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible:

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For more information about caring for your senior dog or to schedule an exam, call us today at 773-935-2311.

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