Family Pet Animal Hospital is proud to offer therapeutic laser treatments for dogs and cats. Therapeutic laser is a safe, noninvasive treatment that does not require anesthesia. Our veterinarians use therapeutic laser to treat a wide range of injuries and illnesses that can have a negative impact on your pet’s health and quality of life. It can also increase your pet’s joint flexibility and relieve joint pain, particularly in senior dogs and cats.

How Does Therapeutic Laser Work?

The therapeutic laser produces a high-intensity beam of light that deeply penetrates tissue without causing damage or a physical incision. A biological response is induced by the laser which leads to reduced pain, reduced inflammation, and reduces the healing and recovery time. Treatment protocols are unique to each patient and condition, and will vary in time and cost. Typically, most pets experience an improvement in their condition within the first few treatments. In addition to other methods of treatment, we can provide therapeutic laser to enhance your pet’s current treatment plan.

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