Giving Back to our Community

At Family Pet Animal Hospital, we strive to provide the very best medical care for the patients that come through our doors. Additionally, in pursuit of our goal to advance the well-being of pets in our community and beyond, our doctors and staff reach out in many ways to provide services to the community, promote veterinary medicine, and engage members of the public through volunteer opportunities, mentorships/apprenticeships, special events, and other activities. Below is a small sample of Family Pet’s connection with the community in more ways than just providing medical care at our hospital.

Anti-Cruelty Society – Veterinary Ambassadors
As a Veterinary Ambassador of the Anti-Cruelty Society (ACS), Family Pet Animal Hospital commits to financially supporting the ACS and providing special offers to new ACS adoptees. If you have a newly adopted pet from the Anti-Cruelty Society, start him or her off on the right paw! Bring your new furry friend in to meet the Family Pet team (by appointment, within 90 days of adoption) and you will receive an exam for $20 and a discount on any diagnostic tests and/or vaccinations performed that day.

Spark – Apprenticeships that Change Lives
Spark is a national non-profit organization whose mission is to provide life-changing apprenticeships to youth in underserved communities across the United States. The doctors at Family Pet host Spark students each year hoping to engage these 7th and 8th graders and reinforce the link between classrooms and careers. We are proud to participate in this unique and highly successful program – Spark students have a much higher graduation rate than the national average.

Canine Therapy Corps
Family Pet has the privilege and honor of providing medical care for several of Canine Therapy Corps’ (CTC) canine volunteers and participating in the organization’s various fundraising activities. We love this amazing organization of volunteers, who provide free therapy-assisted services around our community. Dr. Ken Goldrick currently serves on the organization’s Board of Directors.

Wiggly Field (Noethling Park Dog Park)
"Wiggly Field" is the informal name for the Noethling Park dog park in our Lincoln Park neighborhood at 2645 North Sheffield Avenue. Wiggly Field was Chicago’s first official dog exercise and play area and our co-founder, Dr. Rae Ann Van Pelt, was instrumental in helping several motivated Lincoln Park residents establish this new dog park back in 1997. Family Pet Animal Hospital is an official veterinary sponsor of Wiggly field.

Camp Dogwood
Camp Dogwood, Where You and Your Dog Stay & Play, is an all-inclusive vacation destination where like-minded “dog people” come together to bond with their dog, learn, have fun, and relax. Dr. Jane Lohmar served as Camp Veterinarian for years and continues to enjoy this fun camp each year with her dogs, Penny and Lilly.

Morris Animal Foundation – Where Science Meets Hope
The mission of the Morris Animal Foundation is to improve the health and well-being of companion animals and wildlife by funding humane animal health studies and disseminating information about those studies. Family Pet has been a longtime supporter of the foundation and is excited to participate in its groundbreaking study aimed at improving the lives of dogs, the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study. Several of our patients are registered for this study, which will track observational data of thousands of Golden Retrievers over 10 to 14 years and hopefully teach us how to prevent cancer and other diseases that take the lives of our pets too soon!

The foundation is still looking for more participants – you and your Golden Retriever can be heroes! More information can be found on the Morris Animal Foundation’s website.

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