Hill’s Pet Nutrition Issues Voluntary Recall of Canned Dog Food for Elevated Levels of Vitamin D


Email issued to Family Pet’s Dog Owners:

We have just recently been notified of the Hill’s Pet Nutrition pet food recall due to potentially elevated levels of Vitamin D in a number of their canned dog food products. As your primary veterinarian, we want to make sure you are informed and aware of this if Hill’s pet foods are a part of your dog’s diet. Because this is a manufacturer’s recall and therefore independent of where your purchase was made, in an abundance of caution, we are sending this notice to all of our dog pet parents.

Please read the notice from Hill’s Pet Nutrition and make note of the lot numbers provided in the link below. According to Hills, this voluntary recall only impacts canned dog food. No dry foods, cat foods, or treats are affected. 

If you have purchased any canned Hill’s dog food from us whose lot numbers and date code match those in the list provided by Hill’s, please do not feed the food to your pet and bring the remaining food in for a full refund or exchange.  All the products we currently have in-hospital at Family Pet are NOT any of the affected SKU/date/lot codes.

Although it is very unlikely that your pet’s health will be adversely affected by the consumption of these foods, our staff is available to discuss any questions or problems you may have.  It is important to note that Hill’s was notified of a single, isolated case of a dog exhibiting symptoms of elevated vitamin D levels and that dog is doing well.

Please click on the following link for the complete list of affected foods and details from Hill’s Pet Nutrition:


If there are any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to give us a call at (773) 935-2311 or send us an email at reception@familypetanimalhospital.com.


All of us at Family Pet Animal Hospital