Bourbon & Beignet – Rescued by PAWS Chicago from the Louisiana Floods



Meet Bourbon and Beignet.  They are two of 26 dogs and cats that PAWS Chicago was able to rescue from Southern Louisiana following the devastating August 2016 floods that hit the area. The PAWS team drove 16 hours each way to transport animals from local shelters in Louisiana back to the PAWS Chicago Medical Center.   Shortly after their return, we contacted PAWS to see if and how we could help.  Heart worm is very common in the southern states, and unsurprisingly, Bourbon and Beignet both tested positive.  Family Pet Animal Hospital was able to sponsor both Bourbon’s and Beignet’s heartworm treatment.

A little bit about these wonderful pooches:

Beignet – The best word to describe her is “perfect”.  She is gentle, sweet, tolerant, and laid back. She greets everyone with a low tail wag and soft eyes.  She’s an old soul who always looks a bit like she understands exactly what is going on.

Bourbon – Bourbon is a sweet and loving guy. He likes to jump on everyone he meets because he is just that happy to make new friends. He served as a mentor to younger, more insecure dogs that arrived from the south with him – nudging them along when they were frightened of new city noises. His favorite treats are bread, sweet potatoes and cheese.

We are happy to report that both Beignet and Bourbon have found wonderful forever homes through PAWS Chicago.  Family Pet Animal Hospital was so happy for the opportunity to help PAWS in their amazing efforts in caring for these wonderful pets.

Link to more information about PAWS Chicago’s rescue mission